Meet Kakali Banki. She is one of the finest artisan working at our Kolkata branch with a dream to give her daughter a better future. Like any other Indian housewife, Kakali was a busy lady at home with fair bit of tailoring skills.


With no awareness of how waste can be transformed into something useful, Kakali initially started working with us on making home décor products and bags out of denim waste. Now, she feels very satisfied and happy about her contribution towards a better world.

Kakali says, she is able to realize her true potential after she started working at Rimagined and today, she feels very confident and is investing in her daughter’s future.

Mandakini hails from Orissa. Living in Bengaluru from past 10 years, she started working with us 3 years ago in our Bengaluru Unit. We trained her on stitching, netting and tailoring. Today, she is one of those women who are responsible for our beautiful products made out of discarded Tetra-packs.


What is more satisfying is the sustainable and a respectful life that she and her family are able to lead with her earning at Rimagined. Mandakini says, she feel she is more positive, independent and very happy that she is able to meet all her basic needs without having to depend on anybody.

‘Special Schools’ for ‘Special kids’ are very few and quite expensive compared to normal schools in India. But it never stopped Rina Mondal from sending her ‘special child’ to school.


Rina works at our Kolkata unit. A hard-worker and a smart learner, Rina says she never thought she could do so much out of waste fabrics. Today, Rina feels she is able to earn an income that can help her provide good schooling for her kid, buy medicines and save money to meet her daily needs. She is extremely happy about her financial freedom and feels more positive about her and her kid’s future.

Working with us from past 3 years, Gudiya is one of the highly skilled artisan in our Bengaluru unit. She has been with us from the early stages of our set up and today, she has mastered her skills in making various stuffs like key-chains, necklace sling bags and baskets.


Coming from a background of fair bit of experience in stitching or tailoring, Gudiya is very creative at work. She is a quick learner and a hardworking woman who is very passionate about consistently delivering quality output, which is an inspiration to many.