The Tyre Tube Upcycled Coin Pouch


Managing coins is never easy but this coin pouch comes to rescue to keep coins and alikes safe. Saves you a lot of time while looking stylish and organized. The triangular pouch will help you organize your loose change and make sure that there isn’t a fall out of tiny knick knacks in your well organized bag.

Help this little soldier on it’s mission to save the planet.This Pouch is entirely made out of tyre tub rubber.You can also go a little creative with the design of the pouch. The three metallic buttons on the pouch help you to close it from both the outer and inner side. The dimensions of the this product are 4.7″*4.7″*4.7″

Disclaimer: Product may or may not look identical to the one in photograph because every upcycled product is hand crafted by artisans.

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