Rimagined is the creation of a growing team. Each member has varied experience in what they do. All the members of Rimagined manufacturing team are provided with strong training, understanding, know-how, and skill to create the best-upcycled products for consumers. 

Rimagined is an effort to create with a more informed, sensitive, and sustainable approach.

Here we are!

Shailaja – Founder, Boss Lady, Lioness of the Pride!

Shailaja comes from a long history of working in the IT field. A supply chain logistics expert, she is now driving the movement for the norm of Upcycling in India.  She wears many hats- right from website manager, design, finance to HR, Sourcing. Shailaja is often managing her time between the store in Jayamahal and looking over the manufacturing & production process. 

Know more about her work here



Debopriya – Fabric and Denim Unit head, Teacher, Creative Artist.

Debopriya is a compassionate woman who leads our Kolkata production unit. She works with women from financially weaker sections of the society, training them in the right skills, and empowering them with financial independence. She takes pride in the work of every artisan and teaches their children while they work.  Helping setup this unit from scratch, she has made this team the backbone of the enterprise and we are now scaling up by replicating this cluster model to other villages across the country.



Anmol – Business Development and Operations, Jack of all trades!

Anmol is the all-rounder at the office who helps ensure that the wheels don’t cog- be it the stock handling, order deliveries or even creatives for our media and products! She is usually seen around the office helping people facilitate their work while adding funkiness to sustainability!





Swagata – Sales, The Number Cruncher

Swags aka Swagata is our number cruncher. Having worked with some well known brands in the retail space, she brings her A-game on without the shackles of the corporate gridlock. She is constantly expanding her skills to other functions as well. Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you, her mind is quick and sharp!





Rutuja – Wood Scrap unit head, Designer, Operations Manager, Happy go lucky

Rutuja lives for a cleaner environment & a better tomorrow. A sustainable person at heart, Rutuja is the happy office colleague we love to have! She manages the designs and operations for all the products made with upcycled wood and is an expert at it. The fact that we create, learn, teach, innovate, and celebrate every single day is truly enriching for her.


The Denim and Fabric team

Located in Kolkata, this is the first in-house production team of Rimagined. Put together by Debopriya, this team comprises the mothers of special kids who study at Morning Glory integrated school which offers these kids free education, where our unit also is located.

Coming from financially challenged backgrounds, these women were just drifting along with no dreams or hopes for a better life. And in the last couple of years, we have seen these women transform into confident, independent individuals who now have their own identity. And they take pride in their capability and quality of work and not on sob stories to sell their creations.


Tyre Tube Team

This is our unit located in Titia village of Odisha. This belt of Odisha has been well known for the traditional artisans. But owing to changing times and challenging market conditions, many have given up their traditional handcrafting work and have migrated to the cities in search of a living.

Here we have set up a team that specializes in Tyre tube waste and create a whole range of products that are contemporary and sustainable. 

In this belt of the country, not many women work beyond their household. With 4 women now part of our team, we are slowly bringing a changing in the outlook towards women employment. And by creating employment in these remote locations, we aim to curb the urban migration in search of employment and livelihood.

This is our brilliant team spread over many locations, who work together to create the amazing products we bring to you and bring about a substantial change in our environment and society.