Our Story

Rimagined in an effort by Shailaja Rangarajan  to promote conscious consumption of day to day materials, while create livelihoods for women in the urban poor and rural sectors.

Given a lifestyle in urban India today, despite limited resources, the intense desire in Shailaja to find a solution for Solid Waste Management in Urban Bengaluru led her to create a sustainable business model which focuses on consumption pattern where waste could be upcycled into utility products. Rimagined is a platform to make it possible.

Started in April 2016 , Rimagined today operates on two foundation pricinples. Upcyling and creating and promoting sustainable livelihoods. We support livelihoods of women in the urban and rural poor and the organization ensures that its workers earn a dignified earning. While rerouting waste away from landfills, Rimagined also aims to create an identity for these women by facilitating their financial independence.

Rimagined has managed to pull away close to 15-20 ton of waste from landfills. This includes all types of low value waste. Our products are consciously developed to reduce carbon footprint and bring uniqueness in them as compared to mass-produced and machine made products.

By buying a product on Rimagined, the consumers can do their bit in helping reroute the waste from ending up in a landfill. Besides, the women who are trained to create these beautiful utility products receive much-needed support.