Tetra-Packs & Torn Jeans: Bengaluru Woman Upcycles Waste into Things You’ll Love! From suave bags fashioned from tetra paks, denim and other textile wastes to fancy tea coasters made using motherboards and vinyl records, Rimagined’s range of upcycled products is indeed a revelation. India produces 1,00,000 metric tonnes of solid waste on a daily basis, […]


Bengaluru’s Shailaja Rangarajan upcycles trash into home décor and fashion accessories BENGALURU: Shailaja Rangarajan was one of those techies in the software hub of Whitefield until she became part of the local citizen movement Whitefield Rising. She worked on solid waste management initiatives, along with others. Four years ago, she decided to resign her technology […]


Looking for upcycled and environment-friendly products? Check out Rimagined Shailaja Rangarajan started Rimagined in an effort to promote conscious consumption while creating livelihoods for women in the urban poor and rural sectors. Urban India today produces nearly 48 million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. The alarming rate of waste generation in the country will soon land us in a deep waste-management […]


Recycling Is Passé, This Social Enterprise Is Upcycling Waste Into Ingenious Consumer Products From plastic waste, ceramic waste to e-waste, social enterprise Rimagined is upcycling every kind of waste and turning them into jewellery, kitchen items, home décor products and furniture items Read More


India’s first upcycled store Rimagined just opened in Bangalore and it’s beautiful. Everything they sell has been made from upcycled goods. They have lots of lovely gift items. They also have a website for people to order from if they are outside of Bengaluru. Here are some photographs of the shop in Whitefield. Do check […]



From Cutesy Poufs To Vinyl Clocks, Everything At This Whitefield Store Is Upcycled Ten-Second Takeaway Turning trash into treasure, Reimagined, an eco-friendly brand is up cycling waste to create a whole range of products — from stationery to furniture. One Man’s Trash Remember the empty wine bottles, old rags and car tyres you casually threw […]


I believe that India is a pioneer in providing the world solutions for all types of waste. What with its age-old tradition of reuse, repair, repurpose, restore and recycle. What better example than textile to illustrate this in a country where any piece of cloth used to be repurposed endlessly. I have been holding on to […]