At Rimagined, we believe in harnessing the power of sustainable business models to make this world around us a better place. We work with materials that usually end up in landfills. If any discarded item (like clothing waste) has some value and utility to anyone, we would rather donate it than upcycle it.

While we are on our mission to help address the waste problems we create dignified and sustainable livelihood to our team of artisans. There is lot of work that goes into transforming waste into something beautiful. While we do buy certain addendum material, we largely invest in our teams who hand create the products that satisfy your need and meet our goal to make the world and your home a more beautiful place.

  • All the products featuring on Rimagined are made from items that would otherwise have ended up in landfills.
  • When you are purchasing on Rimagined, you’re doing two important things: Helping the environment and supporting the sustainable livelihood of the team member who handcrafted the product.
  • We recognize that waste is a global problem and we support any enterprise that upcycles waste from the environment while paying workers fairly to do so.
  • Since every product is upcycled, two pieces of the same product may look similar, but not essentially identical.