Rimagined Score

At Rimagined, we believe in conscious consumption. That’s why we have developed a tool that tells you the impact the products sold on Rimagined have on saving the environment. Every product on Rimagined comes with a Rimagined Score and details of waste you pull away with every purchase. So you will know your own green footprint when you buy a product from us.

How do we score the products, you ask?

1.Rimagined Quotient identifies three major waste materials that go into making the product. All major ingredients have a score based on their average contribution to overall trash. They depend on

2. Rimagined Quotient is calculated for each product based on % weight of the input material – a 5 point scale that shows impact it has on landfill avoidance.

High Score Low Score
% in trash Plastic bottles, Glassware Ceramics, Cloth rags
Recyclability Chips packets covers, CD’s Paper, Cardboard
Time to decompose Glass bottles, Metal scraps, Foam Cotton, Paper, Canvas


To minimise logistics, warehousing, and transportation impact, our sellers directly shipping their products to you. We realise packaging footprint can be excessive and avoidable. Therefore we have shared packaging guidelines with them:

However, our priority is delivering these one-of-a-kind products to you in excellent condition. This might require the use of some plastic, shrink-wrap or bubble-wrap packaging in some cases. We are working on creating sustainable packaging solutions for our sellers. We will keep you posted on its progress! Until then, do reuse packaging material, wherever possible.