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Setting up Seller Account

To set up a seller account, you will first need to register on Rimagined using a valid email. Upon registering, you will be directed to the ‘Seller Account Details – My Account’ page, where you can update your profile.

After entering all the Account details, return to the Dashboard. To add and maintain products, visit the Products page. To add new products to your catalog, click Add new product

Seller New Product

Materials Sections

The details captured in this section will drive the Rimagined Score. All the material inputs you provide in this section ought to be upcycled inputs only. Do not include the new material you use. The % of the material content will always be between 50-100% (in case you have zero new input content).

Once you have selected all Major Categories and the corresponding Minor Categories, click on Calculate Product Score


Other Features in Seller Account

Product Updates