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By making this purchase you will pull away 0.418 kg of material from landfill. Based on the decomposition rate of the content materials and their contribution to the overall waste, the Rimagined score for this product is 80.

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Product Description

This is perfect case to keep i Pad/ Tablet safely. Its robust design and cushion padding protects your gadgets by all means. Its texture makes it elegant and beautiful. To give  a soft feel to your i pad from inside soft fabric is integrated which protects your valuable device safe.

Product Features

1. Completely washable and waterproof
2. Scratch proof
3. High Quality Product
4. Integrated soft cushion padding inside
5. Flexible material with long life

Product Other

1.Made out of vegan leather(Recycle Rubber)
2.Far better than animal leather
3.Cruelty Free, Animal Friendly and Ecofriendly Product
4.Material is quite soft and easy to carry in hands 
5.Highly Durable, Shock Proof